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Benefits Of Working As an Artisan (Tradesman) In Nigeria

Most Nigerians love the white collar jobs and will generally refuse to go for blue collar jobs. Even those in the tradesmen line of work still wants a change of job to the white collar ones. Interestingly there are actually a lot of benefits of being in the the tradesman line of work or as Nigerians will popularly say “Handwork”

1.  Inexpensive schooling and lesser duration

One of the biggest benefits to working in the  trades is the education required. While there are many advantages to going to 4 -7 years of school for a bachelor’s degree, there are also a few disadvantages, surprised i said that? .

for years now, tuition costs have  consistently outrun our economy`s growth in Nigeria, this I am sure is no news to the average Nigerian. When costs rise per year, while inflation grows along side it, you end up with a product that becomes unaffordable to most people.

The vast majority of training programs for the skilled trades, on the other hand, last from 6 months to 2 years, and will cost between 30,000 and 200,000 .

it  makes for a huge opportunity cost for those going to school for 4-7 years s while the tradesman is already graduated and earning money.

One final factor is simply that most secondary  school leavers  are not ready for college environment.  It’s not an easy transition for anyone; in fact, many will drop out before earning a degree.

artisan training especially after secondary school offers a nice step to independence. You’ll often stay close(r) to home, you receive real-world, hands-on training from the get-go, and you aren’t spending every moment with people your age and in the same position in life (which can make for a difficult social transition once out of college). Again, there are certainly benefits to attending a university , but the advantages of ‘handwork’  are that you’ll save a lot on fees, start being able to make money sooner, and can start taking measurable steps towards adulthood more quickly.


2. Availability: There Are Plenty of Jobs For the Taking

Trades jobs are not only secure,  there are job opportunities every where .  Certain industries flock to certain geographical regions (show biz and Lagos, etc.), so to be successful you may have to move.

I believe this has enlightened you about blue collar jobs and its advantages, this hopefully will help unemployed  people who disdain this line of work and may even have the skill to do it to have a rethink and I hope artisans that read this will take advantage of the opportunities here in Nigeria now for those who will indeed want a secure job as an artisan with steady flow of work.

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