Buy Inverters In Lagos

How To Reduce Your Solar Inverter Costs in Lagos

Buy Inverters In Lagos

With the constant electricity supply challenges in Lagos. Buying a solar inverter is obviously one of the solutions to consider. But don’t forget the inverter will also have maintenance costs.

A solar inverter can come to your rescue but if care is not taken it can be at a cost beyond your expectations.

Every solar inverter has ongoing maintenance costs which will vary depending on the type of installation carried out.

Such costs could either be yearly or every two years depending on various reasons.

A competent and experienced installer will explain this to you before embarking on your installation project.

3 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Solar Inverter Costs in Lagos

Below are three simple steps to reduce the ongoing costs of your inverter

  1. Get a Proven and Tested Brand

Buying a good quality inverter brand offers a lot of benefits.

When you buy a good and proven brand you can be definite you won’t lose sleep with maintaining the inverter for years to come.

The only cost you will really have to plan ahead for is the costs of changing your batteries ideally every two years.

Some of the features to look out for are:

·        Smart Charge Technology for faster charging and longer battery life

·        Miniature Circuit Breaker which protects load and equipment instead of using a fuse

·        Noiseless Operation

·        Pure Sine Wave

·        Low Battery Indication & Cut Off

  1. Get Good Quality Batteries

Often the cost of buying new batteries can be quite high especially if you only just changed your last ones less than a year.

Getting a new battery with a good warranty will go a long way in reducing the ongoing maintenance costs.

As much as you can avoid buying products that are substandard

A very good battery will ideally last for two years or even more. Better still you will still be able to get some cash for it when disposing of it.

Buy Inverters In Lagos

A good inverter battery will have the features below and a bit more:

·        Long life

·        Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) Technology

·        Low Antimony Lead Alloy

·        Faster Charging

·        More acid volume

·        Supports frequent/long power cuts

  1. Avoid Discharging Your Battery Completely

Try not to allow your batteries to completely discharge its power when it is low.

This can decrease the lifespan of your batteries. Also, you will need more electricity when next you are charging the battery.

Some battery manufacturers provide a feature that automatically resolves such a problem. This way your battery will never discharge completely. 

What do you think of the steps above? Tell us your experience when it comes to running your solar inverter.

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