How ArtisanOga Has Been Improved To Serve You Better

It’s a known fact that Lagos is a very stressful city. Consequently, people could get too busy to attend to some personal issues. Likewise, people often need good technicians to do repairs in their homes. However, the commitment to their jobs and businesses do not avail them the time to call these technicians.

Things people usually need the services of technicians for are:
  1. Fixing a burst or leaking pipe in the bathroom
  2. Repairing an electrical issue within the house
  3. Installation or repair of air conditioners
  4. Rigging of solar panels and inverters to reduce dependence on PHCN, and a wide range of other services.



These problems were identified by artisanOga and in our bid to see to it that Lagosians cease to worry about these things, we made a bold move towards solving these problems. Most noteworthy, we have availed our customers the capacity to focus all their efforts on achieving greater heights in their various fields of work.

At artisanOga, we have engaged professional technicians and enrolled them unto our platform. Furthermore, we send these technicians to you whenever you require their services, regardless of your location. It’s as simple as that.

We at artisanOga have engaged a wide range of professional technicians for your convenience. Therefore, you should call on us if you need the following professional technicians:

Technicians in action

Our automobile technicians are available to fix your vehicles

  • Auto mechanics
  • Air conditioner repairers
  • Aluminum fabricators
  • Appliance repairers
  • Beauty service providers
  • Bricklayers
  • Carpenters
  • Computer repair technicians
  • Electricians
  • Generator technicians
  • Painters
  • Plumbers
  • Fashion designers
  • Tilers
  • Solar panel & inverter installers and many more.

Whatever form of services you need, we offer them in an excellent form. All you need do is to sign up at

In recent times, however, artisanOga has created a new platform with loads of new features in order to serve our customers even better.

Benefits Of Signing Up on artisanOga’s New Platform

  • Dashboard

Now, you have the privilege of setting up a profile of your own and this enables you to see all recent and past activities on your dashboard. A display of professional technicians around your location is visible right there on your dashboard.

  • Choose a Package:

Now, you get to choose a package that suits you best depending on the circumstances that surround your request. Hence, you can subscribe to our Alpha package, which entitles you to one professional technician every time you book. You might as well subscribe to our Delta package, which would make you entitled to get multiple bids from vetted service experts every time you book. Also available is our Omega package (designed for offices) which also makes you entitled to multiple bids from vetted service experts.

  • Personal Project Assistant:

Furthermore, you can chat with a personal project assistant that will be assigned to you and get response in the wink of an eye.

  • Insurance:

As our client, another benefit you can now enjoy on our platform is insurance. Your insurance premium depends on the package you subscribe to. Howbeit, you can get an insurance entitlement of up to one million Naira.

  • Hire and Fire:

Even more, on our new platform, you can hire any professional technician whose profile appears appealing to you. Most noteworthy, you have the liberty of firing any artisan who’s service delivery you’re not comfortable with.

  • Timely Delivery:

Also, our professional technicians would get to you within two hours of making a request.

  • Rating and Review:

On our new platform, you can now rate our professional technicians based on services rendered to you. Furthermore, you can now do a review on the new forum.

To enjoy these services that we offer, visit our website on and sign up for a service package that suits you best. Our newsletters are available and we encourage you to sign up.


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