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Today, being an electrician is one of the most delicate crafts in existence. This makes one surprised at how some people just wake up and lay claim to being electricians. To make things worse, they do this without getting to understand the ethics of the job.

At artisanOga, we have observed that people parade themselves as electricians just because they’re able to fix a plug. Say fixing the plug of an iron or fixing the burnt fuse of a socket. Some have argued that we shouldn’t blame these type of electricians. They say it is hunger that brought out their half baked potentials. However, hunger shouldn’t be a reason to put people’s lives and properties in danger.

These petty skills do not in any way make them professional electricians. It is therefore risky to employ these charlatans to do any electrical works. In spite of this, some people still employ these imposters. These people often console themselves by saying the services of these “electricians” are cheaper. Their services might be cheaper but it is crucial to consider the risk involved in hiring these hunger driven charlatans.

The Professional Electricians

Hence, we at artisanOga decided to take a step that will help protect our clients. First, we sought to locate professional electricians within Lagos. Then, we ran a background check on them. This was in order to be sure they pose absolutely no threats to our clients. After this, we verified their membership in the necessary professional bodies.

It should be noted that part of the responsibilities of these professional bodies is to run a background check on their members. They also have a standard pricing system which makes their billing very reasonable. Another benefit is that the laws of these bodies bind all of their members. By this, every member must uphold the values of the association.

With these in place, it is now very clear that ArtisanOga is the home of professional artisans

Electrician Electricians

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